Storytellers: Atlantic Canada (2 of 3)


A few weeks ago, I mentioned how much Naomi’s Atlantic Canada reading has impacted the books in my stacks. (Check out her project here, along with pages dedicated to the Halifax Explosion and regional literary awards on Consumed by Ink.) When I reach for another book set in Toronto

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May 2019, In My Reading Log


A single-sitting read, a summer road-trip, and Sesame Street: good reading. Margriet De Moor’s Sleepless Night (1989; Trans. David Doherty 2019) “Sleepless night succeeded sleepless night – agonized day followed agonized day.” This, from L.M. Montgomery’s 1918 journal, came to mind when I was reading Margriet De Moor’s Sleepless Night

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Mavis Gallant’s “Bonaventure”


At first glance, it seems as though who is more – or less – Canadian matters in this story. Because I am Canadian, I latch on to the idea of whether Douglas’ father is more “reticent” than his mother, whether he is “cautious and single-minded”, whether I myself exhibit any

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Shadow Giller: Emma Hooper’s Our Homesick Songs (2018)


In Short presents a 300-word and spoiler-free summary, intended to have a broad appeal; In Detail focuses on one aspect of the book which I found remarkable, which might interest those who have already read the book or those with an interest in the mechanics of writing; In Other

Shadow Giller: Emma Hooper’s Our Homesick Songs (2018)2018-10-31T12:24:36-05:00

Mavis Gallant’s “Treading Water” (1982)


Fans of E.M. Delafield’s Provincial Lady’s diaries will find many chuckles in this very short excerpt from the imagined diary kept by composer Richard Wagner’s mistress (who became his wife seven years after their relationship began). The story is subtitled “More Sturm und Drang from Cosima Wagner’s Diaries” and

Mavis Gallant’s “Treading Water” (1982)2018-02-26T11:37:30-05:00
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