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David Chariandry’s Brother (M&S)
Rachel Cusk’s Transit (HarperCollins)
David Denchuk’s The Bone Mother (ChiZine)
Joel Thomas Hynes We’ll All Be Burnt in Our Beds Some Night (HarperCollins)
Andrée A. Michaud’s Boundary: The Last Summer (Trans. Donald Winkler) (Biblioasis)
Josip Novakovich’s Tumbleweed (Véhicule)
Ed O’Loughlin’s Minds of Winter (Anansi)
Zoey Leigh Peterson’s Next Year for Sure (Doubleday)
Michael Redhill’s Bellevue Square (Doubleday)
Eden Robinson’s Son of a Trickster (Knopf)
Deborah Willis’ The Dark and Other Love Stories (Hamish Hamilton)
Michelle Winters’ I Am a Truck (Invisible)

The 2017 Giller jury (André Alexis, Anita Rau Badami, Richard Beard, Lynn Coady and Nathan Englander) has selected twelve books, including short stories and fresh voices, unconventional styles and a work in translation, even a horror novel!

Altough the shortlist will be announced on October 2nd, before I will have had a chance to read through the list, I plan to read the longlist anyhow. If I manage to finish reading before the winner is announced on November 20th, I will privately offer it a lovely rose.

A rose from a reader.

Reading the 2017 Giller Prize Longlist

Guessing at each book’s Giller-a-bility

The last time the Giller longlist so tickled me was 2011. Back then, the jury (Howard Norman, Annabel Lyon and Andrew O’Hagan) introduced me to Michael ChristiePatrick deWitt and Alexi Zentner, and urged me to read – finally – Clark Blaise, Esi EdugyanPauline Holdstock, Dany Laferriere and Guy Vanderhaeghe.

Recent Prizelist and Event Reading

December 2017

Page Turners: Thieves, Bombs, Predators, Gunshots, and Oil Spills

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In which pages are turned, at a faster rate than usual. Character-soaked, but still fast-paced storytelling. Cherie Dimaline's The Marrow Thieves (2017) is set in a

November 2017

Even when I didn’t live in Toronto, I still watched this prizelist for books set in the city that I hoped to call home someday.

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The International Festival of Authors brought me to Toronto many times before I actually moved to the city. It remains a favourite!

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The ReLit Awards peer more closely at the books that are sometimes overlooked, those from smaller and independent presses.

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